Starting to hurt

When Jake had found that voodoo doll of a black girl with the big tits and hips at the garage sale down the street, he was a little embarrassed about how much it turned him on. It looked so realistic, and a quick glance under it’s clothes revealed it was anatomically correct as well. It came with a note saying that if you slept with it under your pillow, the girl the doll was would appear. It was only $5 so he bought it.

The next morning the first thing he noticed was the two large black breasts on his chest. He sat up and stared down at the boobs, stunned. He was wearing a striped tanktop. Just like the one the doll had been…

A quick look under the pillow revealed that the sexy black girl doll had been replaced by a familiar looking scrawny white male one. The doll was now his old body, clad in the PJs he’d gone to sleep in!

Jake ran to the bathroom to get a better look at himself. He was so hot! He reached up and grabbed his boobs, moaning as he squeezed them. They felt so good! He continued to fondle himself for hours. He knows he should stop, his boobs are getting sore and it’s actually starting to hurt a little. Still, how could he pass up an opportunity to play with a pair of perfect black breasts like this for every moment he possibly could?


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