“Um… what was in that body lotion you rubbed on me and my brother, again?” Said a confused and very female Franco Scappelli.
“Oh, Mr. Scappelli, don’t worry about a thing. We’re simply giving you and your best man the ancient full Gullabal Spa treatment. The treatment is free for men who are about to get married.” Said the old female spa director.
“Well, how come me and my brother got TITS now? And why the hell is he… ‘she’ so happy about it?” Franco asked as she felt the weight of her new breasts.
“Oh, your new sister is just experiencing the euphoria of the Maiden’s Elixir that you’re both slathered with. Any minute now you will be feeling the same, so I might as well tell you that you will not be getting married to your fiancee. You see, this is an ancient, mystical spa that has been punishing men for thousands of years. Any man exposed to the Maiden’s Elixir that has been unfaithful will be transformed body, mind, and soul into fertile large breasted women. I’m sure your beautiful fiancee will find a new man… but not before men find you two…” The spa director taunted as she left the two sisters and their swelling breasts behind on their massage tables. The curvy new ladies were surprised to see a group of naked, well endowed, chiseled men walk into the room.


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