Something isn´t right here

“Come on, don´t be such a pussy!” Hearing a thing like that from your girlfriend makes you suprisingly brave quite fast.
“Don´t you believe the old stories about this place?”, I tried to man up but on the inside I was deathly afraid. The stories I´ve heard from this place made me vow to never set my foot inside of here. A vow that I broke just so I could keep Amanda as my girlfriend, didn´t want her to think that I wasn´t a man enough for her.

“In here!”. It was like a game of hide and seek for her.
“You sure? It´s awfully dark in there…”
“Fine, I´ll go first”. Clearly she enjoyed seeing me squirm inside the old abandoned house. Personally I thought there would have been better days to sneak into the house than Halloween.
“Hey, look. A staircase going down to the basement”. Amanda gave me a sly look, she already knew what I thought about that. At least one of us had fun.
“Nuh-uh. Forget that. I`m not setting my foot down there!”
She blew me a raspberry. “You need to get out of your comfort zone every now and then and experience life”, Amanda said to me. She wasn´t wrong but I had a terrible feeling in my gut when I looked down the stairs into the basement. I refused going down there.
“You stay up here and I`ll tell you all about it when I come back again”. With that she headed down the stairs into the darkness, with only her flashlight as her guide.

I watched her descent closely. Thirty-two steps later she was down in the basement. I heard her yelling to me from the bottom: “Come down, the place is clean. There is nothing here but dust”.
With that said her flashlight abruptly died and the pitch black darkness embraced her.
I felt how my skin prickled and my veins turned into ice.
From down below I heard an heavy and omnious sigh.

“AMANDA!”, I yelled her name in fear.
I saw her ascending the stairs again but something was off. She was awfully quiet and she walked with a whole different gait and poise. Her movements seemed more elegant somehow.
“Amanda?”. She stared at me with her big eyes.
I didn´t get a reply from her.
She raised her hand and placed it on my chin. It felt cold.
“You are mine, mortal”, the guttural voice emanated from her lips, her eyes flashing red.
Flashes of pain flowed through my head. I felt myself being drained. I was losing my free will. My knees gave way and I crumpled down to the floor.

T´Morgol looked down on the man before him. Pathetic. His only worth could only be that of a servant.
Dismissing him for now T´Morgol inspected his new vessel. The female had been open minded and curious, a perfect subject for his possession. Her mind had been an open door for him to enter, take over and replace. With this desirable body men and women would flock around him and he would bend them to his will.
But first his first servant needed a more pleasing form. Because T´Morgol prefered his servants female.


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