“Rick! For fucks sake buddy! Pull yourself together man!”
“Wha? I´m I´m not a man, schilly. I´m Jennipher naow”. Rick was slurring bad and that made his friend Jason even more worried.
“Come on man, we need to find the girl that switched with you. Our friends are acting like search parties and one of them said that he had seen your car not far from here. We can still catch her”.
Rick looked up at Jason from his intoxicated fog. “U r a reeel friend, u know dat?”, and then almost disappeared into his drunken stupor again. Jason felt pity for his friend. He was a good guy and lived a good life. Then this girl decided that she wanted what he had and just simply took it. They switched bodies.
Rick had struggled with his new body and had had a hard time to convince Jason who he was and to pick him up. During the wait he started to down drink after drink to drown his problems in alcohol. When Jason finally arrived Rick was stumbling drunk. When they got back home to their apartment Rick pulled out one of their vodkas, tore of the bottle cap and took a chug. The strong taste overwhelmed him and he coughed it all up. It wasn´t a pretty sight.
With all the respect he could muster Jason helped Rick removing the now vodka-drenched shirt, careful not touching the boobs.

“Loo-ook! I have boobies!”, Rick suddenly exclaimed in a suprised voice. “They are biiig”. Rick also seemed totally amazed by them.
Jason tried to cheer up his friend: “Hang in there, we will get her and you will get your body back”
“I`m gonna puke”.
And so Rick did.
With a heavy sigh Jason went into the kitchen and grabbed the mop. He couldn´t blame his friend for drinking like there was no tomorrow. He would probably have reacted the same way himself.
He got back into the living room and Rick in the girls body had fallen asleep and snored on the sofa. Jason put a bucket close by in case he need to puke again and draped a blanket over his half-naked female body.
“Sleep tight buddy”, he whispered and flipped the light switch.

*Ride Of The Valkyrie began playing from Jason´s pocket*
“Fuck Fuck Fuck”. Jason whispered and glanced at the sofa where Rick was sleeping. He managed to turn off the sound and Rick continued to snore. Phew.
It was one of the search parties.
“Tell me you have found her”.
“Yes and no. We have found his body but…”
“But what?”
“The person inside his body claim that his name is Adam and that he got switched by Rick´s body”.
“Alright. Bring him in. In the meantime try to get information where you might find Adam´s body”.
“Will do”.
Jason hung up the phone and looked at his friend with a cold grit. “I`m not giving up at you just yet, buddy”


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