Something ancient

It’s still me, honey, don’t be scared. That ring I found on the beach yesterday – it’s changed me somehow!

I put it on, and my head filled with the most depraved, dirty thoughts… I was so turned on! Before I knew it, my cock had ripped out of my jeans – look at it! It’s so fucking big now… Unnnnnh… Sorry, it’s so hard to concentrate on anything that isn’t sex.

I came so hard that I filled the bathtub, and when I saw my cum churning and splashing in there I just had to jump in, rub it all over myself, drink it. So much of it, and each mouthful made me change. As I pulled the cum into my mouth from my face, I saw that I was a gorgeous girl now. My hair grew thick, and these breasts burst out of my chest. When I got up again, I could feel a hot pussy behind these huge balls. I could feel the old Matthew blossom into a new kind of being – or maybe something very old, ancient even.

I don’t know what I am now, but I love it. I deserve your worship… that’s right… cram your pretty face into my massive tits and drink.


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