Smooth Adjustment

Like a lot of guys, when the genderwave hit I was inconsolable. A lifetime of periods and boobs and everything else that came with womanhood seemed intimidating, and I spent a few weeks locked in my room morning my penis. The first time I put on a pair of panties I really felt like I’d lost something. Looking at the flat swath of fabric stretching across my crotch and disappearing between my legs, wrapping around and hanging off my wide hips, and hugging my now fleshy butt made me feel dainty and weak, and that’s because I was.

But because everyone in the area had their genders reversed along with me, because everyone was going through, more or less, the same thing, the adjustment process happened much faster and smoothly than anyone could have anticipated. Of course this wasn’t true for everyone. A lot of previously strong men in labor and security positions could no longer do their jobs with their new female bodies. Luckily that wasn’t me. I was just a college student, with an entire campus helping eachother adjust. Where many people expected chaos and breakdown, instead people came together in understanding.

Thanks to that, now five months later I’m sending a picture of a new bra and panty set I’d just bought from Victoria’s Secret to my girlfriend- that’s girlfriend in the platonic sense, though I’m pretty sure I’m still into chicks. The crazy thing, I’m actually excited by how cute these panties are! I’ve long since grown to accept my new anatomy, and while when I was a guy I couldn’t care less about my underwear, now for some reason I just feel so sexy in them! Plus, they were expensive. I actually spent 100$ on some friggin’ bra and panties and I’m thrilled.


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