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Smooth Adjustment

Like a lot of guys, when the genderwave hit I was inconsolable. A lifetime of periods and boobs and everything else that came with womanhood seemed intimidating, and I spent a few weeks locked in my room morning my penis. The first time I put on a pair of panties I really felt like I’d lost something. Looking at the flat swath of fabric stretching across my crotch and disappearing between my legs, wrapping around and hanging off my wide hips, and hugging my now fleshy butt made me feel dainty and weak, and that’s because I was. Read more

Genderwave sucks when you had a big sister

Jeremy was looking at his ID-card when the genderwave was about to hit his town. He, his family, his friends … they all knew what was about to happen when the wave hits. The hours before the wave hit he knew that he would be annoyed the most by one thing. It wasn’t that he would instantly turn into the girl he would have become with two X chromosomes and it wasn’t that he would get a random girl name together with the family name of his mothers side of the family. It also wasn’t that he no longer would be the good looking guy who could get every girl he wanted and his plans for the football scholarship were also over now and he had to pick a completely new way in life. Read more


The news was everywhere, in many places riots and looting were breaking out. News of the Gender-Wave has people incredibly spooked, and with good reason! As it passes over you your entire body and history is seemingly overwritten, me and my friend Ryan watched as that Australian reporter Bruce Keene was hit by the wave live on air and his name at the bottom was replaced by “Kylie Mason” Read more