Gary (28) woke to the sound of slapping, the sunlight in the room hurt his eyes as he felt the back of his head, it really hurt. As he tried to figure out what the moving colours and squiggles in his vision were he also tried to remember why he was laying on the floor. As Gary vision improved he spotted his girlfriend clad in a tight latex catsuit slapping her rippling rump. He felt his member hardening at the mere sight, he’d always had a thing for latex but he’d never told anyone about it, fearing people wouldn’t understand.

His girlfriend sat her firm arse down on Gary and guided his stiff dick inside her soaking wet slit. Her moans filled his confused mind as she rode him, her lipstick covered lips uttered obscenities as she unzipped the rest of the catsuit to let her fleshy tits free. The two of them humped each other as Gary developed carpet burn and his girlfriend screamed enough to wake the dead. Soon Gary and his girlfriend couldn’t hold off any longer and came together, his warm cum shooting deep inside the woman, he now realised, he loved.

The pair of them lay still for a few minutes until Gary’s girlfriend suggested they continue on the bed, as Gary stood he tried to remember why he was on the floor in the first place and why his head hurt but then he heard a slapping sound. Gary turned and saw his girlfriend teasing him again, he have to teach her a lesson.

Over the next few hours Gary forgot all about his male roommate or the spell book they had been messing around with when he’d decided to read out a random part of the book. On the other hand Tim (27), now Tiffany remember it all and had decide after Gary had knocked himself with a spell, that he would use the spell to improve his life, so far it looks like it working out for her.


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