Harold had been with the company 40 years. He’d never married. He had no friends or social life. The job was his life and now they were forcing him out. Mandatory retirement they called it. Well he knew the truth! It was just to make a place for the CEO’s bitch of a daughter. The CEO planned for her to take his place in a few years and Harold was just an inconvenience to be swept aside. Well, he would show them. He had a secret. He was the last in a long line of body swappers. He had never used it, but now was the time. He waited until the big retirement party given to honor his long service to the company and when the Bitch shook his hand , he made the swap. It was as easy as that. As his old body stared in confusion, he turned and walked away. As he left the reception, he looked down at his new body and thought to himself, “Maybe there’s more to life than just the company. This time around, I may just have to get out and socialize more”.


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