Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantyhose

All six former guys now gals were having a toast as shown, to becoming a part of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantyhose. At first when Jack on the far left got the pantyhose, he was shocked at the changes they brought about to him just by opening the plain package they came in, and as the others somehow touched them also, they too were in for a shocker. However, they soon came to terms with their changes, rather quickly actually, and it created a bond between these new women, one that they did have as guys, but not as strong as it was now as gals. Some of it could have been those pantyhose, but some of it could have been their new feminine look on the importance of each other. Whatever it was, it changed their lives for the better as we see here as they are happy. They not only received the traveling hose, but now are wearing their own along with sexy dresses and shoes, enhancing their newfound femininity and embracing it, as they toast to a future of womanhood and being in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantyhose.


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