Sisterhood of the Magical Panties

My girlfriend was gorgeous. She always looked even more amazing whenever I saw her in her lingerie as well. I asked her once how it was possible for her to be so perfect. “It’s magic”. We both laughed.

Now I’m laughing for different reasons.

One day, I realized I had completely run out of underwear because I had not been doing my laundry. I noticed a pair of panties on the top of her clean laundry pile. But they were plain black, and looked almost like briefs. I figured I could get away with it for a day while I ran my laundry.

I slipped them on and they fit perfectly. Then all the sudden a glowing energy engulfed my body like a cocoon. I was blinded by the brightness. But then suddenly I could see. Except my hair was in my eyes….wait why was my hair long now? That revelation became even more shocking as I looked down at the rest of my body. Replacing my rugged masculine body was an image of feminine perfection. And the panties that had been so plain were now sexy, and joined by a matching bra. Sexy lingerie covering my new vagina. What in the world? A masculine voice in the back of my mind panicked. But that voice was drowned out by the sultry feminine voice thinking about how gorgeous I looked.

Just then, my girlfriend walked in. She laughed for a solid minute. Then she walked up and smacked me right on the ass.

“Welcome to the Sisterhood of the Magical Panties”


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