Why don´t you try it

I was heading back late to my dormitory through the student hall, done for the evening with one of my extra-curricular activities.
Further up ahead a door opened and a blonde girl exited the room carrying her heels, red jacket and leather purse in her hands, and her hair was in a mess. It didn´t take a genius to understand why a girl like her was doing in the guys dorms.
She had to head in my direction if she wanted to exit the building.
When she came closer to me I couldn´t help it but to burst into a wide smile, look her in the eyes and comment: “You seem like you´ve had an good evening”.
She seemed like a good sport because she smiled back at me. “You betcha!”. Then she gave me this weird look. “Why don´t you try it for yourself?”, and and gave me a quick poke on the forehead with her index and middle finger, giving me an electric discharge.

Strange girl.
I entered my room and was making myself ready for bed. I brushed my teeth, undressed and hit the bed.
In the warmth of the bed all of sudden I felt a cold sweat coming from nowhere.
It was like my body was pushed and pulled everywhere at the same time. I felt weightless at the same time I was too heavy to move.
Something was definately changing on me.
Underneath my skin fat, muscles and bones rearranged and moved around. Parts of me disappeared and others was created.
I could move again.
Tenatively taking a glance under the covers I realized that I now was way smaller than before, had breasts and a big butt.
Needless to say my fingers searched for something at my groin that instead had been replaced with a opening made out of flesh.

Weighing my options I concluded I needed help, so I sent a message to my friend to hurry and come over ASAP, to his credit he did.
When I opened the door and saw my friend…when I saw the man in the opening something inside of me clicked.
Quickly I dropped my thoughts about want for help, it had been replaced with a want for hot and steamy sex.
He just stood there, unsure about what was happening so I helped him on to the right track.
I let go of the cloth that had covered my upper body and let him enjoy the sight of the naked woman in front of him.
There were to problems leading him to bed after that.

His big cock rammed my pussy in and out, again and again. It went deep and hard. Even if it was for a fraction of a second every time it went out I longed for it to fill me up with its next stroke in.
Earlier we had engaged in a long foreplay where I had played around with his balls and he had sucked on my tits and massaging them. It didn´t take long for both of us getting ready for the main event.
I felt how the orgasm of my lifetime was coming. It had already begun building up pressure in my abdomen. My whole body was tingling like mad and the edge to blissfull oblivion was drawing nearer and nearer an……..



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