Sister gone WILD! Part 4

Liam then laid down with his huge cock point and he said ” Mount me and pump my cock slut.” I answered “YES SIR”. I Lost track of how many time my world was rocked screaming all the time the Liam went jerked and sighed and went limp. I thought ” giggle Limp Liam ” then I was shocked I had that thought it was like the part my sister was forcing me to act. Liam was pulling on his as Jacob looked in the door at me laying there my legs spread, soak in my juices and Liam’s and said ” good your finished we are leaving this sluts sister is crazy she wants to marry me.” Liam laughed and said “thanks for the fuck” and Jacob said ” and tell that rabbit boiling sister not to ever call again”. Laying there in afterglow bliss I really did not care they were gone and I did not feel used I just had the best sex of my life. WOW!!!!!


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