The Last Man in Town

I had just started college when the bimbo virus story broke. When it hit campus I stocked up on as much supplies as I could and holed up in my house in hopes that it would blow over soon.

As the days went on, I started seeing more and more bimbos outside. Some people trying to escape them saw that I was protected, and tried to get me to let them in. I remember one of them, a classmate of mine, was running up to the door with the bimbos almost on him.

I could hear his screams for me to open the door, but I know that the bimbos will get us both if I do. I close my eyes, pushing out the sounds of his screams and the moans of the bimbos as they jumped on him.

As the days went past, I was running out of food, and what was worse the bimbos had figured out I was there. I turned the news on one morning, the two bimbo anchorwomen where there as usual, rubbing each other’s pussies and breasts.

“Ooh, we like, have a man left in town,” the blonde giggles, moaning as the redhead licks her nipple. “We should all, totally go fuck him.”

I had to get more food quickly before the bimbos came. I ran out the front door, only to be grabbed by a blonde haired woman who kissed me on the lips, I pushed her away and it was only then that I recognized her. It was the classmate I had refused entry to, she just gives me a smile as I run back inside.

My sleep that night is restless, filled with images of naked women rubbing their bodies together and motioning towards me to join them. I’m soon at the center of a pile of naked women, welcoming me as one of them.

I wake up in my jeans, but something’s wrong, I feel an unfamiliar weight on my chest and a void in my crotch. I look down to see a pair of breasts and when I pull off my pants a pussy. The smell of sex permeates the room, I realize that it must not have been a dream, but reality.

I let out a giggle, getting to my feet. There may still be men left somewhere, but if not, I’d find one of my sisters to fill the void between my legs. I was a bimbo, and I couldn’t be happier.


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