Terry was shocked to suddenly be in his teacher Lana’s body as she was dressed for bed. The long hair, boobs, pussy, lingerie, pantyhose, and heels all were odd to him. He didn’t know why he was in her body but would find out soon. She was going to get busted for having sex with a minor, one of her students, so Lana swapped bodies with another student, Terry to get out of prison.

Terry now would go to prison for her as her, but instead he used his body to get out of the prospect of prison. He blew the judge before the verdict, and got a not guilty. The funny thing is Terry had no trouble doing this in his new body, and the judge even looked attractive to him, especially his huge boner. Terry might have gotten out of prison, but Lana still didn’t swap back, and said she didn’t want to be a horny teacher any longer.

Now Terry would have to be Lana and deal with her huge sex drive. Terry however, didn’t want to get into trouble so, called the college football team over instead of the high school one. All these guys were of age, and ready to ravish the hot teacher.


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