Shift Hitter

Brent walked in on his sister Gwen having sex with her new boyfriend Ted and was angry.

“You’ve only known him two days you flippin’ slut,” said Brent.

“This is none of your business, GET OUT OF HERE, you have no idea what I’m feeling, I have every right to have sex with whomever, whenever I want, NOW GET OUT OF MY ROOM,” said Gwen angrily.

Suddenly they swapped, and Gwen was no longer feeling the pleasure of her new man, she was man in fact now, she was in Brent’s body staring at her own body having sex with her boyfriend Ted!

Then, meanwhile, Brent was feeling waves of pleasure, female pleasure, feeling penetrated in his new vagina, something he’s obviously never experienced before. He stared ahead in shock, seeing his own shocked looking face staring back at him! He was the one having sex with Ted now! He was the slut!

Brent didn’t react how, Gwen expected, however, “Oh my goodness! OHHHHH! No wonder you were doing this guy so soon, he is AMAZING!!! THIS PUSSY IS SO GOOD, IT’S GETTING IT GOOD, OH MY OHHHHHHHHHHH, YES, GIVE IT TO ME BIG BOY, THAT’S RIGHT HANDSOME STUD MUFFIN. Make a flippin’ woman out of me, give me that huge cock, GIVE IT TO ME.”

Gwen stood there in shock, her own brother who was mad at her for being what he thought was a slut, was acting like more of a slut than she ever was! She expected him to jump off her boyfriend immediately for suddenly being a woman being done by a dude, but he didn’t, he was embracing the sex, apparently not even concerned with having boobs and a pussy! Actually enjoying that new pussy and the sex it was giving him!

Ted said, “I think this was that Great Shift wasn’t it? Oh… oh… I’m about to blow, I don’t care who’s in Gwen’s frickin’ body I’m about to cum!”

“Ted baby, put it on my face, all over my fucking face, show me how much of a slut I am,” said the new Gwen letting her new hormones take over.

Gwen watched as her former body took a load of man gravy, meant for her, like a pro! She couldn’t believe who she thought was her brother was having such a great time having female sex.

Brent admitted it was him, and said once he was done, he would get a shower, throw on a dress, hose, and heels and head out shopping, as he, no SHE loved being a chick, and was only mad at his sister, because he was jealous! His sister Gwen would have a much harder time getting used to being him, than he would being her!


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