Different Strokes

“So this is what it feels like to stroke cock, when it’s not yours,” said Gary, a scientist who agreed to swap with a volunteer, to help prove his theory about hormones overpowering a person, as well as that person’s mental wiring.

He was talking to his colleague Johnson, about how he was looking at cock differently now, with desire! He was admitting the hormones were taking over, and also his new female wiring.

“Can I call you back, Johnson, I have a “johnson” of my own to worry about right now, and I might take care of you when I get back also, but don’t wait up for me,” said Gary in the body of Sara Coxxx, local stripper.

Meanwhile, Johnson got excited about being with a woman possibly, even if it was his fellow scientist, and unfortunately Sara in Gary’s body got in an accident and died while being blown and driving at the same time! It seems Gary will find out he has a lot more time for scientific study, as his former body was now dead, and the machine the company they were at were using only allowed you to swap back to your original body! Johnson decided he would wait to tell Gary the news of his old body’s death, after the blowjob he would get from him that evening at the lab!


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