She Came

“So let me get this straight, she just comes in your house and makes you hotter, like magic?”

“Well yeah, that’s the short version anyway,” Rachel explained. Her long distance boyfriend, Dennis, was staying with her for the weekend, and had just noticed some of her occult paraphernalia. “She’s been around since Babylonian times. Any girl has the right to call for her help once in their life. If they’re deemed worthy, she comes in the night and turns her to the image of youth and fertility.”

Dennis scoffed. He knew there were probably some secrets to the universe he didn’t know about, but if there were fairies flying around turning plain girls to bombshells, he’d have heard about it. He just patted his girlfriend on the head and said, “I swear, you’re lucky you’re pretty.”

“Don’t be such an ass! Just because you haven’t seen it before doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I wish she’d come tonight and prove you wrong. You think I’m pretty right now, you’ll be speechless tomorrow.”

“Whatever you say. I guess I wouldn’t really be able to complain, would I.”

The next morning came, and Rachel rolled over in bed. She looked at her mirror and her jaw dropped. Staring back at her was an angelic face and a toned body that would put most supermodels to shame. Dennis didn’t seem to be in the room. ‘I hope he didn’t notice when he woke up. I really want to see the shock on his face.’

She walked into the living room to find an equally stunning girl staring down at her body. She was running her hand down the smooth flawless skin of her belly and over her wide inviting hips. When she heard the door, she looked up. Still in a daze, Denise managed two words. “She came”.


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