Sharing shapeshifter

The boy and a young woman sat in the room of a young teen. On the walls there were posters of various bands, in the corner a tv with a console demanded attention. The bed was unkempt and piles of clothes was dotted across the room.

“Come on! Try it!”, the boy told the woman; “It worked on the gerbil, why shouldn´t it work on me? You can´t shut me out from this you know. I want to try too”.
The young woman tried to explain that it wasn´t really the same. A human is bigger and more complex than a gerbil, the chance for error is way greater.
The boy snorted at that. “You will try it sooner or later anyway. Come on!”
She sighed. “Alright. But you must stay absolutely still. What did you have in mind?”.
“The one from yesterday!”, he had already made up his mind.
“Here we go. Remember, stay still”.

The woman took on a gelatinous form and collapsed into a puddle of goo. It was still for a couple of second until it began to stir and move towards the boy.
The tendrils crept up his leg and the rest of the goo followed suit, covering his body in a thin layer of Jell-o. One of the tendrils went into his ass, which made the boy jump in suprise. The goo on his legs stiffened up as if to send him a message to stand still.
“Right”, he said aloud.
When the tendril went into his pisser he stood his ground, gritted his teeth and remained completely still. After a while it started to feel good.
More and more of his body got covered until every inch of him had a thin layer of goo on him.
“Ready?”. The mental message from his friend echoed in his head.
“Do it!”. He could barely contain his excitement.

The goo began to constrict all of his body all at once.
“It´s just so I can bond with your body”, his friend calmed.
The sensation soon faded and was replaced with the sensation of expansio instead. He grew a foot taller and his butt expanded considerabely. His thin boy arms muscled up a little, but not much and added a bit more fat to them. His legs and thighs got bigger with more muscles and fat too.
The hair grew from his scalp in a fast pace and was collected in a horse tail on the back of his head. A big difference from his usual crew cut.
His face felt like it danced as it changed its shape. The lips was puffed up.
In his groin his already small dick became even smaller and continued to shrink until it seemed like it was swallowed by an emerging hole.
His chest tingled and two orbs of flesh expanded outwards into a bountiful mass of delight.

“Wow”, the former boy whispered to himself. and cupped his breasts “It worked!”
His friend in goo form flowed off his now female body and was soon formed into a puddle of goo once again.
From that puddle a new form arose. A boy, seemingly the same age as the one that just was turned into a woman, appeared.
After he had solidified he was leaning forward with his arms on his knee´s and panted heavily.
“You….*pant*…have no idea….*pant*…how hard….*pant*…that was”. He took a series of deep breath to stabilize his breathing.
The newly formed woman looked up from the inspection of her body. “Thanks Ollie!”, she exclaimed and then returned to the task of discovering herself.
Ollie´s breathing was more steady now. “Yo! Ollie to planet Greg!”. Ollie waves his hand in front of Greg´s face. “You are a woman. Now what?”
She gave him a sly smile. “Remember that adult film we saw last month?”.
“How could I forget?”, Ollie answered, “It´s that film´s fault that I´ve turned into a whole bunch of women the past few weeks”.
“Remember the part with the man and the woman? Ever since I saw that I wanted to know why she thought it felt so great. She really seemed like she enjoyed it. But I need a helper if you catch my drift”.
“Oh”. Ollie fully understood what his friend wanted of him. “Give me a minute”.

On a too small mattress on the floor in a boys room, two adults, one male and one female, were engaged in a very steamy session of sexual intercourse. The male pounded the girl with all of his might and the girl parted her legs wide to give him the best possible angle of attack. She writhed and squirmed underneath him in both ectstasy and pleasure.


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