Suitcase of alterations

“Still a bit too small in the chest department”, Harry said to himself. “Nothing the Breast Enlarger cant´t help me with.”

He had been fresh of the plane and in a hurry to catch the bus to his hotel and mistakenly managed to grab the wrong suitcase at the pick-up point.
After have opened it up he was in for a shock. Only female clothing! And a very big set of various spray cans and lotions.

* Female fixer upper
*Hair lengthener
*Breast enlarger
*Sensitivity cream
*Voice pill
…just to name a few.

He read the instructions and deduced what they were for and how he could use them. His curiosity got the best of him. He brought a pack of different lotions into the shower and began to scrub himself thoroughly. The more lotion he applied the more feminine he became.
The person exiting the shower had a definite androgynos appearance with a thin body but with no female features except for the thin body and waist.
Harry decided to go wild with everything he found in the suitcase. Of course he tried the Vagina Vax first. Apply it, let it harden and rip it off! He was amazed when he was holding his dick preserved in vax in his hand afterwards. In his groin a pussy had taken its place.
Without testing beforehand he applied sensitivity cream to the inside of it. Jolts of pleasure shot out from his groin.
“Wow!”, he said in amazement.
He runmaged through the suitcase and found a pill that was named “Walky Talky Woman”. “What does this do?”, he wondered and swallowed it.
Just like that his mannerisms changed, how he moved changed and how he talked changed.
“Gosh. I feel more natural in this body already”, he said an strutted into the bathroom with swaying hips searching for another kind of lotion.

Three hours of intense modificatons later Harry had renamed herself to Erin. Another dose of Walky Talky Woman made him accept he was now a her.
“Soon done”, she told herself. “Soon I´ve got the body I´ve always wanted”.
“That little black dress I found will come in handy tonight. Guys beware, becasue I`m on the hunt and with this body I cannot fail!”


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