Sex Overload

Jack shouted out loud JESUS CHRIST!.

What the fuck is going on when he suddenly found himself in the body of a woman being pounded by a well-endowed man who was at the same time squeezing the two soft firm mounds of flesh that were now jiggling about on his chest.

The man slow down at that wondering why she had not used her safety word as he asked Jessica was everything alright surprised by her outburst.

Despite Jack being shocked that he was now in the body of a woman named Jessica who was in the middle of having the best sex he had ever felt in his life that he did not want to end.

Still feeling the man’s erect penis deep inside his new wet pussy which made his body feel so incredible he screamed out in a husky feminine voice why the fuck have you stopped as he felt the man start his pounding all over again which made him squeal and moan in such pleasure that he had never felt before.

It wasn’t until the next morning that the man found out that the woman he had slept with all night was not his wife Jessica but a young man named Jack who was placed in her body by something the news was calling the great shift.


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