Luckiest Guy in Class!

“Whoop tee dee, Loook at me… Who got Stacy’s bod-dy!”

“Come on, Dex – that’s not fair. Just because you got swapped into the hottest girl in school doesn’t mean you get to rub my nose it it… I’m STILL your girlfriend – even though I’m in geeky Dexter’s body.”

“Come on Ann. Don’t tell me you haven’t “checked out” that body yet. You’ve been in there two whole days!”

“Check this out? No frickin’ way! It’s DEXTER for cripes sake. NObody wants to know about Dexter – not even ME and I’m in his body.”

“Well THAT’S too bad. I’m horny as hell and I want my “girlfriend” to come be with me. Come on – isn’t watching Stacy’s body dance around getting you a little interested? I KNOW it’s Dex’s body. I also know what he’s packing in those underoos. I had gym class with him last semester and I saw him in the showers after everyone else had left. He’s a “grower” not a “shower”. I also know he’s a virgin. Come on – come break that thing in with Stacy’s body. I want it – DEX wants it – YOU want it and Stacy wants it.”

“Holy CRAP! This thing is HUGE! Hehehe… if the cheerleaders only knew. Dex would be the most popular “side guy” in the school. maybe I’ll just build his “rep” a bit know that I know what he’s got to “work” with. Damn, I hope I don’t get into an accident driving over there. How do you guys function with these things hard all the time?”

“Well most of us “guys” are not THAT big. Hell, I’d probably be jealous of you with that dick if I were still in my body. As it stands, I just want to feel you shove that thing into “my” pussy! Come ON already. get over here… Ann? Ann, you there? ANN!”

Ding Dong…


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