Sex addict

Liam thought he was kind of a stud. He masturbated so much he almost wondered if he was a sex addict. His efforts to sleep around, well they met with mixed results. He thought the girls always walked away happy afterwards. It was never more than sex though, so he was always on the prowl.

He wasn’t super picky, mostly because he really wanted to get laid. One day he and his friends were at a fair when he started trying to chat with this one hot chick. He was kind of making progress until he invited her to go around to the back of the fairgrounds to screw around. Realizing he only wanted sex, she got up and walked away without saying another word. He shouted after her that she should just go, that he needed a girl with a libido too large to turn him down just to keep up with his.

The woman blushed and ran from Liam right past an older woman. Liam saw the old woman staring at him and he just rolled his eyes at her. Then her eyes started to glow.

His friends watched as Liam suddenly morphed into a chick before their very eyes. The old woman just nodded her head and wandered off.

Lisa, as Liam has started calling herself, truly is a sex addict. She always has one of her friends come with her whenever she goes outside in case she feels the urge and can’t make it home. She’d gotten quite good at quickly finding the private places amid public spaces for her former friends to fuck her brains out. She hopes next year at the fair she can find that old woman again. If not, she has to admit that at least the sex is pretty amazing.


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