New to the party

Adam couldn’t believe there were boobs on his chest now, nor could he believe how good they felt.

He hadn’t known, when he got to the party, that the punch had been spiked with Chrome. He’d never done it before, but head heard about it. Apparently his inexperience kind of singled him out at the party, and everyone else was a lot more at ease as they slowly transitioned genders. Adam ended up drinking a lot, and by the time he really realized he had breasts he was pretty drunk. That explains why he started fondling them right there in the middle of the party while everyone watched.

Eventually Stacy Peterson interrupted him. Stacy was now a tall, muscular dude, and apparently Stacy as a dude really liked big boobs. She took Adam’s hand and asked him if he wanted to go somewhere more private. In a daze Adam followed. He’d always wanted to screw Stacy, he just never thought this is how it would happen!


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