Senior Thesis

Joe had been struggling at the start of his senior year to come up with an idea for a thesis. His generic liberal arts major meant he could pick practically anything, but it HAD to involve at least six months of research. He was complaining about his lack of focus to his roommate Mark one night when Mark suggested an idea.

“You know, my senior thesis involves custom designed BodyShapr Nanites…” Mark began.

“That’s great for you Mr. Nanotech major, but it doesn’t help me.” Joe replied. BodyShapr Nanites were the latest and greatest thing. They worked like magic to anyone who wasn’t completely versed in their knowledge like Mark. They were getting more and more common as beauty aids, making people lose weight, gain muscles, and end up looking like models.

“How about I give you the ones I make and you write about what it’s like?” Mark offered.

“Hmm…” Joe hummed and mused. It wasn’t a bad idea. He was kind of a scrawny white dude with a pony tail. Taking some BodyShapr Nanites and turning into a big buff guy could be interesting. He could write about how people interacted with him differently. There might be something there. “Ok.”

Mark told Joe to change into a bath robe and ran to his room, clearly excited to have found a willing test subject. He came back and handed Joe a large purple pill.

“I’m supposed to swallow that?” Joe asked gawking at it.

“Or take it as a suppository, it works either way.” Mark chuckled and Joe couldn’t tell if he was kidding or not. Joe popped the pill in his mouth, and with some effort managed to swallow it.

The first change was a darkening of Joe’s skin. He looked down at his hands and smiled, “A big strong black guy? That’ll be even better to write about!” Joe cheered as he grew a couple inches in height.

Mark cocked his head at Joe, “Black guy?”

“Yeah, I bet I’m gonna have a huge co-” Joe parted the robe and looked down and froze. The big black cock he was expecting wasn’t there. Instead was a little nub two inches long and a barely there set of testes. Joe pulled the robe closed again and looked at Mark. “What the he-ll?” Joe asked as his voice shifted up an octave.

“Oh man you’re gonna look good, I can tell.” Mark said and smiled at Joe.

Joe stretched his jaw and rubbed his face. All his stubble was gone and his lips were puffy. His whole face felt like it was a different shape. His arms felt this and his legs thick. Then he felt a tingle at his nipples and stared down as his chest pushed out under the robe to make two HUGE breasts. At the same time he felt a strange sensation at his crotch and a quick check with his hands found that his cock and balls were gone, and in their place was a pair of pussy lips.

“What the hell!” Joe shrieked in a higher voice, “You turned me into a curvy black chick!”

“I know! It worked perfectly!” Mark exalted proudly.

“But- I’mma- Christ!” Joe stammered in his new voice at a loss for words. He really should have asked what Mark’s nanites would change him into. Mark had always had a thing for super curvy black chicks…

“God you’re hot.” Mark said as he looked Joe up and down.

“Turn me back!” Joe shouted.

“Can’t. I need at least six months of research watching you making sure there are no weird side effects.”

“Dick! Change me back right now!”

“Come on, think about how different your life is going to be. Your thesis will practically write itself.”

“You are such a dick!” Joe growled in a low sultry voice, “You turned me into your wet dream!”

“Oh totally, what did you think it was going to do? God this was a bad idea though. I’m gonna have to worst case of blue balls if I can’t fuck you.”

“Dude!” Joe shouted and looked Mark up and down and felt… Well anger, but besides that there was something else. Something weird. His eyes paused on Mark’s crotch and could see a clear erection through Mark’s jeans. Joe’s mouth started to water. His crotch felt weirdly damp. “Oh my god!” Joe shouted suddenly and ran to the bathroom. He couldn’t believe looking at Mark was turning him on now! Just what was in those nanites!?

Joe looked at himself in the mirror. He was pretty hot. A little heavy, but he wore it well. Most of it was in his tits after all. And looking and seeing black skin sure was different. He pulled the robe open and got his first view of his bare breasts. They were absurdly perky for their size. God they were hot. She was hot…

Mark listened at the door as Joe ran a bath. He listened to short moans and gasps of breath and his dick literally ached as his roommate masturbated while he listened. Joe… no, that wouldn’t do, Joyce’s body was quite sensitive, he knew. She’d be quite the nymphomaniac, he knew. Plus, thanks to a part of his own BodyShapr work on himself, he exuded a pheromone which Joyce would find harder and harder to resist. He figured they’d be sleeping together within the week.

Did Mark feel bad for tricking Joe? No, Joe had always been a bit of a slacker. A very untidy roommate too. Six months of sex and blow jobs from Joyce ought to make up for three years of cleaning up Joe’s messes. Plus like Mark had said, Joe’s thesis would practically write itself. It really was a win-win for both of them.


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