Seeing everything from a new point of view.

Jackie stood there in her naked boyfriend’s body staring down upon him in hers.

She was surprised at how delicate and small it looked from her new viewpoint.

She was surprised at how the small but ample breasts & shaved vagina were making her get hard.

Which was a whole new experience for her.

She had to fight the lust growing in her new loins and stop herself from just picking up her delicate small body tossing him on the bed & ravishing him like a wild animal.

Sam stood there in his naked girlfriend’s body wide-eyed and frightened.

He looked his masculine body up and down surprised at how tall strong and masculine it looked from his new viewpoint.

He let his eyes wander down to his former hardening cock which looked massive to him as he stood there fixated by it.

He did not know if it was the site of the hard cock in front of him or the smell of his dampening pussy but he was really starting to get turned on.

He looked up at his girlfriend in his body and said to her with a trembling voice as he was not sure that he was actually ready for this should we take it to the bed and was surprised at how quickly she agreed.


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