Seductive Curse

The swelling start imperceptibly behind Sam’s nipples as Ariel stroked her cursed boyfriend’s chest, filling his chest with a strange heat as they puckered outward.

The curse was one of her favorites; each of the victim’s feminine thoughts and feelings was a seduction, filling their body with the pleasure of change and hastening the moment of their irrevocable transformation. It began slowly, with subtle suggestions and small changes but could build up speed explosively under the right conditions. Conditions that Ariel was doing her best to foster.

Immediately mouth went to his sensitive, suddenly girlish nipples and Sam moaned, half an octave too high. It felt so good – why did it feel so good? His nipples were never this sensitive before. Is this what women feel every time? He almost envied them. Closing his eyes, Sam savored the unusual foreplay and the sudden sensation of compression as Ariel’s hands continued to massage and worship his body.

After a time, Ariel’s attentions moved upwards, to Sam’s face. “You’re going to be such a pretty girl, Sam. I can’t wait to see how you turn out.” With that, she leaned in and kissed him aggressively, biting a fattening lip and leaving a spreading erotic tingle as she withdrew. Opening his eyes and looking at his beautiful girlfriend with confusion, Sam realized with shock that he’d shrunk- his new, androgynous frame was diminutive, several inches shorter than Ariel. Worse, his face was different – his lips were full and pink, his nose delicate and pointed, even his eyes and jaw were changed – more feminine, almost pixie-like. The thought was like an electric jolt to his already erect penis – and to the sensitive, budding breasts on his chest, which hardened to tiny, throbbing points.

Sam fought to stand, to make sense of the situation, even as a traitorous hand rose to tease a growing nipple. She was changing him… into a girl!? The thought was terrifying, but also… so arousing. His body burned with heat. Fighting his lust, Sam took a step towards the bedroom door.

“Whatever you do, don’t think of how hot and slutty you’ll be once you Change” she teased. “You aren’t going to leave me here alone, are you?” He couldn’t help it; thoughts of girls flooded Sam’s mind. Gorgeous, wanton, sensual, submissive… Girls coupling with men, women… Reveling in pleasure. In his mind, he was one of them. For an instant, he embraced the change, and his body responded.

Sam gasped with a sudden burst of pleasure as his hips burst outward to their new configuration with a soft thunk, wide and marbled with feminine fat. Thick thighs tapered down to delicate feet as his wide shoulders shoulders receded, leaving the gasping man forevermore with a curvy, undeniably feminine figure.

Suddenly unbalanced, Sam fell back onto the bed, into Ariel’s arms. “Oops!” She giggled as her hands and fingers roamed over his softening body, finally fastening around his penis, the last unchanged part of Sam’s rapidly feminizing body.

“No!” he groaned, but his body felt like jelly; the pleasure was paralyzing. “Sssh. Embrace it- you’ll need to save your energy for pushing out a pair of fat slutty tits.” With that, she began to pump. It felt heavenly, with each part of Sam buzzing with transforming erotic energy, but he could not quite reach climax. With each pump, Sam changed further. Sam’s hair surged outward. His skin softened. His penis became even more sensitive, even as it shrank. And his chest tightened, filling with incredible pressure.

“Ask me to finish you. Samantha. Ask me to make you my slut.” Flipping Sam over to his stomach, Ariel grabbed a large lilac dildo with the other with one hand and a lock of his silky hair one with the other, pulling his head back slightly.

Sam knew what was at stake, but her body felt too good to deny. It longed to be completed. “Do it! Make me your slut, Ariel!” With that admission, Sam’s penis, already barely more than a large clit, surged back into her body while the flesh below it dimpled and parted with a gush of hot sexual fluids. The scent of girls in heat filled the room. Wasting no time, Ariel began pumping the new girl in earnest, pulling a lock of her hair in time with each thrust. “Push your tits out, slut!”

Overwhelmed with the sensations of transformation, submission, and the powerful thrusting into the volcanic heat of new sex, Sam orgasmed with a force she never dreamed possible. As her new muscles contracted around the phallus and her new voice cried out in lust, Sam began to uncontrollably push out her chest, forcing her cute buds out into jiggling mounds, then handfuls, then full tits as the pressure within gradually eased. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” she cried. Each orgasm forced more girlish titflesh from her chest, and the sensations of her growing breasts forced more orgasms from the girl as she embraced her new feminine body and sexuality.

Sam thought her mind might shatter from the ecstasy, but, after several hours of frenzied coupling, each girl collapsed back to the bed, exhausted. As she drifted into sleep, Ariel’s arms wrapped around her body, Sam wondered what the morning would bring… her new body was already beginning to feel horny again. Perhaps a threesome…


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