Secretary Induction

“I’ll start right away, and I’ll do anything just give me a job,” demanded Henry.

“I’m sorry we have no openings, unless you are willing to take a new opening,” said the boss.

“Sure, anything, I don’t care, I need a job,” said Henry.

The boss muttered some words from a book, and suddenly Henry was a woman in a women’s business suit, tan pantyhose, and tan heels!

“There you go, Henry, I mean Henrietta now! You can start today, and be my personal secretary. That new opening, it’s your new vagina of course. Once you’re ready we can do dictation too, now get me some coffee, woman,” said the HER new boss!

The new Henrietta sat their on her pantyhose clad round ass in shock, stunned at what just happened, but then again she said she needed a job and would do what it took to get one!


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