Suck Balls

“This sucks balls,” said a bored Ted at the amusement park, not amused with the long lines for rides.

Brent said, “Ted shut up. You have been a spaz for a long time now, and today you’re even worse. You know what, I think you suck balls, Ted, in fact you can suck all our balls, maybe then you wouldn’t be so bored you fucking bitch.”

Ted replied, “Screw you.”

A nearby old man in a strange robe came near them, “So you are telling this young man to suck all your balls, and he replies to screw you. Got it, I can make this more interesting for you all.”

Suddenly all the guys were back at Brent’s house where they met earlier, only this time they were stark naked, and Ted wasn’t a guy! He was somehow a bust soft curvy woman sucking Brent’s balls, while the others were naked looking on! Ted was mumbling with the balls in his mouth, wondering what just happened, and why he felt so strange, and had balls in his mouth!

Brent got up equally stunned, and Ted grabbed his new boobs in terror, then reached for his crotch, finding a moist slit in place of his former manly appendages! He was absolutely soft and really sexily plump, as he realized how strange it felt to have such long hair, huge boobs, a pussy, and a soft curvy body! For all intents and purposes, he was a woman now!

Brent looked around seeing all his other buddies but Ted, then remembered what the guy at the park said to them and what he had said about Ted sucking his balls and he said to fuck him, and realized he should ask a question of this sexy lady.

“Is that you, Ted? You looked stunned lady,” said Brent.

“Of course it’s fucking me! Look what that crazy coot did to me! Sure you guys are yourselves just naked, look at me I’m naked too, but I’m a flippin’ chick! I’m huge, look at these things,” said the new female Ted.

Brent replied, “It’s kind of hard not to look at them, I mean you are a busty naked woman with huge boobs on her chest. Sorry we’re horny perverted guys, we can’t resist ogling you now! Wow, you are absolutely hot. I mean a bit chunky too but hot, real hot!”

Ted said, “I didn’t ask to be chunky and hot! What are we going to do? This is absolutely absurd! We have to get some clothing on and find that crazy coot before it’s too late.”

“Hmm, Ted, I think we like you better this way, at least we can have fun with you now and even if you are a spaz, that sexy bod of yours makes up for it. Also, I don’t have any clothes that would fit you, I mean, you are a bit thick,” said Brent.

“ARE YOU FLIPPING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?! I DON’T CARE WHAT I WEAR, LET’S GET DRESSED AND FIND THAT GUY, you’re not the ones turned into a busty chick,” said Ted in panic.

“Fine, my sister is a bit chunky, and she has some clothes you could wear, if you don’t mind wearing girls clothes, hah, well you ARE a girl anyway so they would be appropriate, just sayin’, said Brent smirking.

Brent’s sister’s jeans proved too tight for Ted, but she did have some dresses that would stretch enough to fit this busty, curvy new woman. Also he threw Ted a pair of her pink sneakers, and told him to throw on the dress it would stretch to fit and the shoes. Ted looked in a nearby mirror, he was a woman all the way, even now wearing a flared floral dress with pink sneakers. As his boobs bounced he realized he needed a bra too, but Brent’s sister’s bras probably wouldn’t fit. So off they went back to the park.

Once there, they did find that old man, and he smirked, “So I see you boys, well boys and gal, reaped the benefits of my magic. How did things turn out, and by the way, Ted, you look stunning in that dress I must say, wow.”

Brent said, “Can you undo this please? Ted here is freaking out, he even found himself well, in a peculiar position when he changed to a chick.”

The man said, “What fun would that be? You all were a bunch of whiners, I just made things more interesting for you guys so maybe you would have less to whine about, I mean Ted here was ready for all of you to share. Ted you said ‘this sucks balls’, and Brent said ‘you could suck all their balls’, and also Ted you said, ‘fuck you’ to Brent, so I think I took care of that for you all. You are all so ungrateful. If you don’t leave now, I will turn you all into lizards, got that? We’ll see how much fun you have in the hot Nevada dessert crawling around on all fours looking for bugs. Why Ted here could even lay some lizard eggs? Do you all want that, I’m ready to do it, and you know I’m good for it too! Now get the hell out of here, before I decide not to be so lenient on you boys, and gal! Besides, Ted, I don’t see the problem, I see an improvement there, you aren’t that ugly skinny dude now, you are very beautiful, big and beautiful, you should embrace that sexy body, work it girl! Now get out of HERE NOW!!!”

Tears rolled down Ted’s new face as SHE realized this was probably going to be her new body from now on and life.

Brent said, “You know he’s partially right, if you would just give in Ted, we could all have lots of fun, way better than this park. I bet sex feels pretty good for a chick, from what I’ve heard.”

Ted replied, “Yah? Well you don’t have be the chick in all of this. I’d like to see how you would deal. After all, another chick to the group might make things more even.”

The old man overheard and rapidly approached them before they got to the gate, “You know Ted, you are right about that. I think I’ll have a bit more fun with this.”

Suddenly Brent’s body contorted, and before the new woman Ted, and the other guys’ eyes, Brent was transformed into a busty blonde with thick lips and a huge ass. The man wasted no time this time, changing Brent’s clothes too, he was now wearing a woman’s business suit all navy, with a tight pencil skirt, complete with suntan pantyhose, and navy four inch pumps.

The man said, “I just love sexy business women and pantyhose, and you are a lovely sight for sure. Now get away from me. Now the rest of you guys have two lovely ladies now, enjoy, you all should be able to have more fun now. After all I bet you couldn’t pick up chicks before anyway, and now that two of you are chicks and you’re all friends this should work. Now leave me alone.”

Brent looked down at himself, nearly twisting an ankle in the heels, stunned at how he looked and felt, his chest absolutely humongous!

Andy said, “Brent you look amazing, nice pantyhose babe.”

Brent said in his new voice, “SHUT UP ANDY.”

Brent took off his heels and threw them at Andy, as the pavement stones poked into his small pantyhose encased feet.

Andy grabbed them as Brent missed with both, and took a sniff, “Whew they smell lovely, but you’ll need them.”

Andy was teasing, Brent wasn’t wearing them long enough for them to smell, but Andy knew he would need them back to walk on the stony hot pavement.

Andy said, “I think we should call you Tessa and Brenda, instead of Ted and Brent, what do you say ladies? I mean you don’t look like a Ted and Brent any longer.”

The two new women both said almost in unison, “SHUT UP ANDY!”

Tessa thought that if it weren’t for that old man’s threats, she would make them go back in just to get Andy turned into Andrea, but it was too risky, they all could end up in the dessert as lizards. The new Tessa and the new Brenda would soon realize that the more they were in their new bodies the more their new female desires would take hold. When they got back they were both staring at Andy’s and the other guy’s asses! They realized this was not good, they were becoming mentally like chicks, not just physically. When they both got on the couch, they and the guys were shocked, they seemed to automatically cross their legs!

Tessa looked at Brenda, “Um, wow, this is not good.”

Brenda said, “Shut up, Ted, or Tessa or whatever! You got us into this mess you fat bitch.”

Tessa replied, “Look who’s talking, your fat ass would cause an eclipse, and you were insulting me too at the ride.”

Andy said, “Fellas, gals I mean, calm down. You are two hot ladies, and you have some hot studs here. Give in, I know you have it in you. Just relax, and let us guys to the work, we’ll have some fun.”

As the two stared at Andy’s crotch with lust, they realized they just might if these new desires take hold more, and they might not be able to resist anyway!


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