Secretary Bounce

Hank Longfellow was doing his secretary Jenna Rods after everyone else had left the office, and they were still catching up on paperwork. They took a little break, but then they heard a voice over the intercom system.

“Hank, Jenna, what are you doing in my office? This is totally unacceptable. I had cameras installed just last week to catch things like this, but I never expected to catch someone this soon, or that it would be you two, my hardest working, best employees, well until now that is! I’m deeply disappointed, but I can’t fire such good workers. It would be hard replacing you two with anyone willing or competent to do the work you two do in a week. I will do some discipline however.

Hank Longfellow and Jenna Rods, you two will now do each other’s jobs. Hank since you like busty secretaries so much, now you get to be one! Jenna, since you like well hung stud execs so much, now you get to be one. My judgment is final, you two will be each other permanently! Be grateful I don’t do much worse to you two. Now once the swap is complete, you two will get back to work!”

An energy surged filled the room, and low and behold, Hank was now on top, but as the woman, and Jenna was on the bottom, but now a man! Hank quickly grabbed Jenna’s massive breasts in shock, letting the drop on her chest feeling the immense sensitive tug of them! She looked down at her crotch, with her former cock still in it! She looked at her new hands, then rubbed her smooth nylon clad legs, looking back at her sore tiny feet that were a bit smelly from being in those heels so long that were on the floor now, heels she would have to put on and wear as required for female attire at the company!

Jenna was just as shocked being a big hairy burly guy, penetrating her own former vagina, but he got a wicked smile realizing he just got a promotion, but unfortunately had to be a big lug to do it. He would now make double the pay that Hank would in his former body.

Jenna used her new found strength to push her former body off, “Now who’s the bitch here in the office? Hank now you get your tight skirt and sexy blouse back on, and those lovely heels, and get me some coffee. Got that, JENNA!”

Apparently then Jenna was loving this, and Hank wondered if she could deal with being a secretary and a chick, but what could she do, and on one would believe her if she told. She realized she would have to make the best of it, but really hoped her former body wouldn’t demand sex later! That’s after all what got them into this swap, and also she wasn’t sure she was quite ready to be with a man. Then again as she watched her former body put his pants back on, she realized maybe his former body was kind of hot from her new female perspective!


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