I had never lost the Biggest Fish bet I had with my buddies, Tom and Ray. I always held it over them that I never had to take the X-Change pill so the two winners could have their way with me. They hated when I reminded them that they moaned like whores when shoved myself deep inside their temporary pussies. When I really wanted to get under Ray’s skin, I would tell him about the time he begged me to cum in his mouth.

When my line snapped while reeling in what could have been my new personal best, I knew that I was out of time. Tom and Ray said nothing as they presented me with a fresh beer to wash down the X-Change.

Now I’m loving every second having cock thrust into me in opposing directions. The taste of Ray’s dick was only complimented by Tom fucking me from behind. I moaned around the meat in my mouth every time he forced himself deeper. I heard Ray grunt and looked up at him. A smug smile swept across his face right as the first ribbon of cum hit the back of my throat.

I knew I couldn’t stop. I kept sucking as Ray erupted in my mouth. This body seemed to enjoy the taste, even savor it. The sound of my enjoyment over swallowing my first load sent Tom over the edge and suddenly I was being filled up on both ends.

Now I knew I would have to step my game up on the next fishing trip. Whoever ended up the woman next was going to get their pretty little face covered in cum.

I also knew that losing wasn’t so bad. Maybe getting my pretty little face covered in cum would be a fun way to spend a weekend.

Maybe I haven’t lost before because Ray and Tom were losing on purpose….


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