second person

You watched Tom recite the spell he’d found. Mark and you hadn’t believed it was real and Mark had agreed to be the “victim”. You’d watched slack jawed as Mark turned into a pretty hot girl.

“Holy Shit!” Mark exclaimed in a cute high pitched voice, “I’m, like, a chick!” She glanced over at Tom and blushed, “When did you get so hot Tom?”

All you could do was stare in silence as Mark marched over to Tom and dropped to her knees. She rubbed his crotch through his pants and purred.

“I really need-” She paused and pulled down his pants. She stared at the bulge in his under wear and smiled, then pulled it down. Her jaw dropped open as it sprung free, she was almost drooling.

Tom suddenly looks up at you and smirks, “I think she needs help.” He says to you and begins to chant the spell again.

You try to turn but its too late. You feel yourself get smaller everywhere but your chest and ass, which seem to get bigger. You are mad at Tom, but your eyes are fixed on his cock. You want it more than you ever wanted anything in your life. All you can hope is that Mark will share.


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