Second-hand but plenty of miles on the clock.

Samuels stood in front of the mirror dropped the silk bathrobe he was wearing & admired his latest acquisition.

A gorgeous 25-year-old black hair slender waisted young female body with perk breasts and firm buttocks.

He mainly purchased young men’s bodies but there was just something about the way this woman looked that interested him and even if he just kept it for 6 months he could have a lot of fun with it.

He changed bodies as frequently as people change their underwear.

The minute he felt the body that he was in getting too old too weak or too slow he would attend one of the local body swapping auctions.

He never got much in part exchange for his old body as by the time he traded it in it was wrecked but there was always some unfortunate out there willing to give up what they had for the right price and always managed to get a bargain.


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