Searching the web

Sitting at the computer I out of a whim searched on Google: “what would you look like as a girl”.
I found a whole bunch of pages and picked the most promising one.
The webpage opened up and wanted me to answer a whole host of questions such as my age, my length, my weight, hair color, my favourite music genre, clothing style and so on. It was a fairly long list of questions but i soldiered on.
In the end the usual “Click here for your results” appeared, together with a disclaimer that told me that the company couldn´t guarantee that my girl form would match the form I would have been givem if I had XY chromosomes from birth. Yadda yadda yadda.
Show me the results instead.

I hit the button and suddenly my whole world entered a hellish spin. Just as abruptly it had appeared it was gone. So was my dick.
It was hard not to notice that my body wasn´t mine anymore. Looking down I immediately saw boobs poking out from my chest and the shapely legs attached to the rest of me.
The reflection in the computer screen showed a really cute ´girl next door´-face, which apparently now was mine. Reminded me of my cousin Janet.

“I must fix this”, I said aloud.
Concentrating on the task ahead I picked up my phone and dialed a phone number on the page that had changed me.

“Welcome to TG Tech! Our opening hours are: Monday to Friday. 09:00 to 13:00.”

I was speechless. It was Friday evening. Do I have to look like this the whole weekend?


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