Sisterly Love?

Don’t struggle Anthony, it’s almost over. As soon as Roger cums in you, the spell will be complete and you’ll be stuck forever in that little bimbo body. No one will believe you’re really Anthony Wainwright, playboy millionaire, you’ll just disappear. And as your only living relative, I’ll inherit all your money. You always thought you were so smart. Now look at you, Squealing like the little bitch you almost are.

My sister Karen has not only always been a ditz, but a vicious ditz and her no good husband, Roger, is no better. When our parents died, their estate was divided equally between Karen and I. Where I invested my share, Karen and Roger blew theirs. Now they’re broke and trying to steal what’s mine. Their plan might have worked except I never trusted either of them and I can afford better spells. Just before Karen cast her spell, I swapped bodies with Roger. Karen doesn’t know it but she’s helping to trap her own hubby as a bimbo beach bunny for life. I’ve got a spell all ready to change me back into Anthony. As for Karen, I can’t just get rid of her. She is my sister after all. I think maybe a compulsion for community service. Say helping in a homeless shelter for the next 20 years or so. That might teach her some humility.


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