Sealing the deal

It had started as a drunken challenge. Nate and his roommate Tom had found an old parchment, containing a spell that would supposedly change the sex of the one reading it out loud. Nate had challenged Tom to a round of Smash Brothers, with the loser having to read the spell and do the others bidding for the weekend.

Nate, to his surprise, had lost. Even more to his surprise, the spell had worked. He had suddenly found himself transformed into a woman. Slender, beautiful, with lovely soft skin. Small, perky breasts on his chest. A pussy between his legs. Her legs. Her clothes had changed as well, and the apartment was now obviously one lived in by a man and a woman.

Tom had taken the part of “doing the others bidding” in a slightly different direction that evening. Usually, that just meant having to do all the chores around the house. He had started with that, but soon, his commands turned more sexual, more degrading. That had brought on a third surprise for Natalie – her name in this new form. She found that she enjoyed that. She enjoyed his gaze on her body. She enjoyed it when he groped her ass or breast. When he had told her to strip, that she should go the rest of the evening naked, the thought of being exposed to him in that way, him still fully clothed, sent shivers down her spine. The idea – and the reality – of him taking control over her, having power over her, made her wetter and more excited than she could ever remember being as a man. She tried to hide her excitement, but Tom quickly caught on. When his hand found his way between her legs, inside her, and came out slick with her juices, she felt herself burning with embarassment, but she could only nod in agreement when he asked her if she was turned on. When he asked her if she liked how he took control over her, how he treated her as a submissive plaything, she whispered “yes, Sir”. When he had told her to drop to her knees and use her mouth to what it was supposed to do, her knees had buckled as she tried to resist, but as he forced her to the ground and pressed her face into his crotch, she had gone from reluctant to eager in seconds.

It had escalated from there, Tom using her in all manner of ways throughout the night. She had been spanked, tied up, fucked in all openings, and she had begged him for more until the both fell asleep, exhausted.

The next morning, Tom released her from her bonds. He told her that he had to pop downtown for an hour. He told her the spell was in the living room. He told her if she still was Natalie when he came back, she would stay Natalie. He told her he expected to find her here when she came back, that she was not allowed to use the spell. Only Nate was allowed to do that.

Natalie paced around for a while. Fear and doubt churned in her mind. On the one hand, her body burned for his touch. On the other, would she want to give up her old life? The dilemma was driving her crazy. She had to act. She had to do something, decide it one time for all. The spell seemed the easy way out. But Tom had told her she couldn’t use it. She knew she would not be able to resist the need to choose much longer, and then she would end up disappointing her Master.

Then she saw the chain on the bed, and a padlock on the nightstand. Trembling, she climbed onto the bed. With shaking hands, she put the chain around her neck, the padlock into the links. Her thumb rested on the lock. This was it. If she pressed down, she would be stuck as Natalia. She pressed down, heard the click of the lock, and felt an immense tension release from her mind.

She was Natalie. She was Toms submissive plaything. She was his devoted slave. The thought filled her with excitement and happiness. This was her place.


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