Seal the Deal

When he cums the spell will be sealed and I can take over my sister Jules life. My sister was always the mores successful one: had a college degree, a good job, and then her boyfriend of two years Jack proposed to her. I had always felt that she didn’t deserve him so a week before their wedding I acted on my plan. I had found a possession spell but the thing was I had to merge with my sister in order to take over her life, so I asked if i could go over to her house to talk about last minute wedding stuff. After she let me in I grabbed Jules and recited the spell. She struggled as I flowed into her body and it wasn’t long before my vision went red then returned for me to discover that the spell had worked. I was Jules but I had to get Jack to come in me before the sun went down.

As soon as Jack came home I ripped off his clothes and started riding him like a lunatic. I can feel him getting ready to blow right now and then Jules’ life will be mine forever.


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