The new job.

Evan didn’t know this would happen when he took the life guard world for the beach. He didn’t read the fine print, and of course he joined to maybe hit on the hot girls who would be his future “lifeguard buddies”. However the man in charge says that he wants to avoid sexual tensions so as soon as Evan signed the contract the man used it as a pact to use his magic. His skin changed to a white girl’s and just as smooth. His face feminized, and his hair lengthened and turned into a reddish color. His body got smaller, but not weaker, heck even stronger. His limbs turned more feminine, and his hips, and butt expanded. He gasped as “her” dick swallowed itself into a vagina, and his breasts grew to a nice c-cup. From then on Evan, as he was getting himself a selfie, or as she was calling herself Evyna is now on the job.


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