Rubbing solo

I hated my female my body when the greatshift struck. I was happy as a man and I was a serial womanizer. Sex is an important part of my life and I lived for it. When I learned that it is irreversible, I had to learn to accept my new body and new urges. Being a straight guy, I hated the empty space between my legs which lacks an equipment to masturbate or have sex with women. I felt handicapped. I tried to release my sexual frustrations every now and then but it’s not the same without my old male penis. I just wished for days that I could have something to stroke between my legs.

As a female, I had to relearn how my body works again. At the absence of something to stroke and resigning to my fate I begin to experiment with rubbing my clit and pussy in different ways. With some patience, I learned that circular motion does the trick of making me orgasm. I thought my body shot out sperm when I finally came but of course my new body doesn’t make them anymore and it was just my pussy fluid which I squirted from my little orifice which pee comes out of my dick-less body. (Yes, apparently I’m a girl who squirts) Day by day, I start to get comfortable with my pussy and after a while, I forgot what it ever felt like to ejaculate when I get the big”O”. I don’t miss it that much these days though. I can have multiple orgasms rubbing my clit in different ways.


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