Royally fucked

Rick felt ridiculous as he dolled himself up, but he had no choice. Sabie stood behind cracking her whip and shouting commands to her girls.

“I am royally fucked,” he said in his sonorous new voice as the lingerie squeezed him with garter straps dangling to remind him to put on stockings. “I’m royally fucked,” he whispered.

“Not quite yet, but you might soon well be,” said Sabie, smirking. “I’ve received word that the Prince Regent Duke of Windsor wants to see you for *ahem* a ‘private’ meeting, Ricki. Just you, out of all my girls. Now shape up and stop imagining that your shapely self is still a man. Think how far you’ve come and how far you might go, girl! All after you cheatin’ your wife sent you to my stable to change you inside n’ out and teach you the female ways. I’ve got a track record of success.” She said this while menacingly lifting her whip again. “Do you want more, young lady?”

“No, Mistress,” said Ricki, as she finished applying lipstick and started rolling up her stockings and clipping them to the garter straps. She was gonna be a good girl from now on.


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