Roommates with Benefits

Joe and Russell had been roommates for a long time. When Joe told Russell he’d volunteered for some new combo psych/pharmaceutical study to make some cash on the side, Russell thought nothing of it. When he came home to next day to find a naked hot chick kneeling on the ground looking at herself in the mirror, he was surprised to say the least.

“Who the hell are you!” He snapped and regretted it immediately. She was hot and naked, he should try and be more friendly.

“Hey Russell, I was just checking out what that drug did to me. Pretty neat, right?” The woman replied, quite unashamed of her nakedness.

“Joe?” Russell asked feeling a combination of confusion and arousal.

“I’m going by Jane for the duration of the study.” Jane replied.

“Wha-di-huh?” Russell stammered. “How long is the study?” was the first question he actually managed to put into words.

“Oh, six months. They want me to really experience being a girl and see how I react.” Jane said and paused for a second while Russell just stared. “Hey you think I’m hot, right?”

“Uh huh.” Russell managed to grunt, paralyzed by the mixture of emotions he was feeling. The tent in his shorts told Jane which set of emotions was winning.

“You wanna fuck?” Jane asked with a smirk.

As she watched Russell fuck her in the mirror Jane came to a decision. The trial would only last six months, UNLESS she got pregnant. She decided right then that she hated condoms, and she never wanted a Russell to use one.


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