Fun in the pool

“I knew it! Her boobs are totally fake.”, 42 years old body hopper Marc said in the youthful body of Chelsea.
He was casually walking down the street when he suddenly spotted her enjoying the sunny day in her pool totally naked. He didn’t have to do something anyway, so he quickly took his change while no one was watching and hopped into her gorgeous body.
Feeling the sudden change in temperature made his new soft body shiver and his freshly borrowed nipples hard as rubies.
He almost instantly had his delicate female hands on his new boobs to give them a nice squeeze. He continued to explore her body oblivious to the fact that Chelsea’s pool boy was watching him fondling his luscious curves.
Right as he started to fondle his vagina, he noticed that he had a viewer. He instantly knew that he would have a lot of fun in her body…


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