Role Exchanger Strikes Again

“Gawd! I can’t believe this is my body now… though I do feel pretty sexy…”

Only moments ago, I was a nerdy, white guy. Now, thanks to the Role Exchanger, my whole world has changed.

First, it changed the genders of me and my girlfriend. We were a nerdy white couple in our twenty’s, so from an outsiders glance, very little had changed. We were both freaking out on the inside, though.

Then, we both traded ages with a 30’s-something couple. People were starting to panic and began running in all directions. I traded skin tones with a black guy who happened to run by us. Then I traded hair with what appeared to be an attractive female model.

I had also traded some personality traits, as well. I felt my IQ and fashion sense change with what must have been a sexy teenage girl.

Unfortunately, my new sense of fashion would prove problematic, as the last change from the Role Exchanger took place. I felt my ass balloon out, having obvious traded with a very… “well-endowed” woman.

“Damn girl, look at you.”

I turned to look at what could only be my girlfriend (boyfriend?) She was now a muscular, handsome, and (from what I could tell) a very well-endowed man herself.

“Babe? Is that, like, you? My head feels funny… Everything’s so different now…”

The first thing I did after we sorted everything out was squeeze myself into these tight, pink pants. They’re a little uncomfortable, but I just love how they look on me. Though I think my “boyfriend” will be squeezing me out of them very soon…


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