FOSE remorse

Paul thumbed his panties down with his left hand and smoothed his hair with his right hand at the same time. “Okay, I admit that I was wrong,” he said.

“About what?” asked Harold, eyeing his friend’s crotch as the panties slid down. He could scarcely believe that his girlfriend Ashley was doing this little striptease…except that it wasn’t his girlfriend, it was his cousin Paul. Dammit, why was he getting hard even thinking about her body? And why was Paul wearing Ashley’s silly pink headphones?

Paul was rocking out as he listened to girl power music flooding his ears. “I was wrong about a lot of things,” he said coyly. “Girls really do have it better. Girls do truly desire sex. And I apologize for jerking off to your girlfriend, but you can’t really blame me Harry, the FOSE wasn’t my fault. I do feel quite a bit of remorse right now having stolen Ashley’s body from her, yet she is enjoying my ripped body right now, so it is a fair trade. Now are you gonna come over here and take me, or what?” he demanded.

Harold had nothing to say; his dick did all the talking that was required.


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