Right There in Public

Henry used the magic wand on Jed right there in public, as Jed said, “If that magic wand is real then make me a drunk horny MILF with wonderful tits.”

Henry said, “Ok, if that’s what you want.”

Suddenly Jed felt woozy, he was drunk, then he became super horny, and finally his body changed along with his clothing, he was now a sexy blonde MILF with nice boobs, wearing a silky dress with no bra or panties to speak of, just strappy 2 1/2 inch strappy heels. As he pulled down the left side of his new dress revealing one of his “puppies”, he made the “be quiet” gesture to his friend, but who wouldn’t notice the change now, he looked like a hot MILF. As he rubbed his boob, then his pussy, he realized he was getting wet for his friend Henry. That was the horny part of the spell kicking in.


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