Blue syrum

I couldn’t believe this sexy girl infront of me used to be my friend James. I gave him the blue drink you see her holding, when his transformation first happened, he was scared, he demanded me to turn him back. He hated the fact that his manhood had disappeared.

I told him he should keep on drinking, that after he finished his drink, I would be able to turn him back. He was gullible enough to believe my lies. The more he drinked, the more he acted feminine. At half his glass, he even thanked me for transforming him. He said that he had always wanted to be a girl. I knew this wasn’t true, it was the syrum altering his mind. “Call me Jane. James is gone, I don’t care about him anymore” she said while taking the last sip of her drink. She was already hot, and quite sexy, but she asked me to give her another glass of that “tasty blue drink”. I thought she was insane, “ok, but I don’t know what a double dose will do to you” I told her. She giggled a little, and then told me, “this is for you silly. I want a girlfriend. And by girlfriend, I mean a lesbian girl friend.”

I thought about for a couple of seconds. “I never expected the syrum to turn her into a lesbian. But oh well, fine, if it is the only way to be with her…” I thought. I grabbed the glass from her hand, and drank it whole. It was a bummer though, she may have turned out to be a lesbian, but the girl I transformed into, was 100% straight. Jane became my best friend, but that was it. That very same night we went out, she went looking for a girl to hook up with, and I went looking for a guy.


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