Rewriting Your History

“Now that I’m a man; now that I hold the power, I can make any thing happen. So I’m going to turn you into what you always wanted me to be.”
His screams led to nothing as I began saying what he would become. My words becoming commandments, anything I said he would become, anything I said would become reality.
I started with the small changes, your skin is now pale” his skin changed from a dark tanned color to a pale white color. “Your name is now Brittney” he protested my latest command, “but I’m not a girl”
“Yes you are” I said
Suddenly, his whole body shrank, he became smaller, more petite. I noticed his ass inflate first gaining the round plumpness of a woman. His hair burst out of his head as he moaned in pleasure, his voice getting higher and higher all the while. His waist snapped into place gaining a sexy curve. His arms and legs slimmed down as his feet and hands gained pink nail polish. Now the big changes would come. “Your boobs are C cups” his chest began to inflate, his clothes had now fallen off and I could see his nipples grow larger. His boobs grew to my liking, “finish the change” i said. Her new vagina was made, her pretty new made up face smiled with pleasure as her new pussy formed.
“I still remember my old self you bitch!” She screamed in her cute voice.
All I could do was laugh and say,”No bitch, I dont think so” I fired back, “last I checked I have the dick here and your the bitch, get on your knees slut” she then got on her knees, looking up at me.
I decided what I would do, “My dick is two inches larger” I felt my penis grow in my jeans.
Brittney was so cute she was on her knees and quiet finally succumbing to my power. I had a few more tweaks to make.
I had to rewrite her story.
“Brittney, you’re 19 and a freshmen in college, your some girl I picked up at a frat party. I took you home because you were flirting with me all night and I got you so drunk you agreed to come home with me. You told me you wanted my dick and now your going ro take it. You love sucking dick and pleasing the boys on campus. Tonight you will be my slut and from now on you are a sorority girl.”
Without a word, she looked me in the eyes and wralled her lips around my newly enlarged penis. She sucked it like she had done it her whole life, after all she was the slut of the school. Oh it’s so good to be the one in charge.


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