Helping your friend trying out something new

“Don´t be so fidgety about it. Relax! Enjoy it”, Sam soothed his friend Max whilst moving the magic wand around.

“Easy for you to say. It´s not like you are the one being transformed into a woman for the first time”.
Even though Max was the one initiating what was just happening he was still unsure if he really should have done it.

“Hmpf. During my first time I stood still and took it like a man”, Sam snorted. “You should do the same”.

*Max looked down on his body*
“Too late for that now…”

“Glad to see that you still have a sense of humor”. Sam gave Max a wry smile.

Thirty-four minutes later: “Happy with the changes yet? Magic is exhausting, you know that?”

“Sorry. Didn´t know”, Max said with his dulcet voice and lowered his gaze.

“Oh fer crying it out loud! You look like a living wet dream but you don´t act like it. Alright. Yes or no, do you wan´t me to fix that for you?”

Max looked up. “Huh? Yes?”

Sam took a couple of quick paces forward whilst muttering a spell under his breath. The tip of the magic wand touched Max´s forehead.
“ADERA!”, Sam exclaimed, releasing the spell into Max.
The flash subsided quickly and all of sudden Max felt…comfortable.
“Eeeek!” Max hurriedly covered her boobs from the man in front of her.
Sam sighed. “I`ve already seen them, remember?”
“Oh, right. But now it feels wrong to show them to you”.
“Go figure. I made your mind female as well. No more awkward boy in a hot girls body”.
“Thank you I guess. Can you summon a piece of clothing for my girls? They are kinda heavy”.
A black bra formed on Max chest.
“So you think I`m hot?”, she asked Sam.
“Definately!”, he answered without hesitation.
Max leaped forward into Sam and gave him a big hug.

“Ooops”, Sam thought, “perhaps I made him a bit too girly”.


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