Let’s Do It Again

Now’s my chance. I’ve got to be dressed and out of here before he come back. I’ve been stuck here for the last two weeks, ever since Bill used that magic remote to change me for his male roommate into his red headed girl friend.

Are you getting dressed or undressed?

Oh! Bill, I didn’t hear you come in. Dressed or undressed? I guess that depends whether you want to go out of stay in,

A couple of hours later as they lay in each others arms.

You know Dave, you can leave anytime you want.

What do mean by that Bill?

Well, it seems kind of funny that every day you try to escape right at 5:30 when I’m getting home from work. If you’re tired of being a girl, why don’t you just change yourself back into a guy? The remote’s still on the coffee table where we left it two weeks ago.

Oh Bill. Can’t a girl have fantasies too? Beside, changing back is not what I want.

What is it you want, then?

I want you to stop talking so much and let’s do this again!


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