Haunted House

“Have you ever worked for a haunted house before?” She asked.
“No,” He said, looking around. The lights were on, making the place look more rundown than it did scary.
“Don’t worry, you’ll do great. Your costume is in Room 3, we’ll send someone in to get you once you’re ready.”
He walked into the room and locked the door behind him. Some one-piece latex thing laid on a bench next to a blonde wig with connected cat ears.
“Oh boy…” He whispered, looking at the outfit. He took his clothes off and held the latex piece in his hands.
“How is this scary?” He mumbled, looking at himself in the mirror. “I look ridiculous.”
He grabbed the wig and positioned it onto his head. I glassy, vacant look instantly overcame him. His posture collapsed and his whole body slanted forward. Drool slipped out of the corner of his mouth as he stared thoughtlessly into the mirror.
He didn’t respond. He continued looking past the mirror into the void, not a thought in his mind.
There was a rattling noise as someone fiddled with the knob before the door finally swung open. The lady entered and looked him up and down. She held her hand out and waved it in front of him, soliciting no response.
“Good kitty,” she said. His posture straightened.
“Help me,” he said, stoically. His hips popped and cracked as his entire body reshaped. The lady watched as his ass and thighs ballooned outward while his waist shrunk in. His muscular arms thinned down to become more slender and feminine. His chest sunk and inflated creating beautiful, soft breasts. His skin lightened and softened becoming almost as light as the wig. Even his face morphed, changing to look almost as vacant as his eyes. The lady looked him up and down again once more, staring at his bulge as it inverted back into him.
“Kitty’s ready,” the lady said, walking out of the room.
A large man entered, wallet in hand. The girl’s expression changed from lifeless to sexy, as if something sparked life inside of her. She grabbed the latex and pulled back, revealing one of her perfect breasts, making sure to look sexy while doing so. The man placed some money on the table and unzipped his pants.
He may not have researched this haunted house very well, but Kitty was certainly not complaining.


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